Sales Reps Account Set-Up

Your RepZio account requires registered licenses for each of your sales representatives.  Licenses can be edited and there are three different ways to add a sales rep:

  1. You may use an open or increase the current number of licenses.
  2. Delete an old or obsolete sales rep then use the newly open license to register a new sales rep.
  3. Purchase a new license.  


Purchasing Sales Rep Licenses

  1. Log in to the Webmanager
  2. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click “Sales Reps”
  3. In the expanded list of options under “Sales Reps,” choose “View/Edit Sales Reps"
  4. Click the "Purchase Additional Licenses" icon
  5. Required Information (New Sales Rep Total, Your Name, Your Email)
  6. Agree to new recurring billing changes
  7. Click "Update My Billing" to save the changes


Adding a New Sales Rep

  1. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click “Sales Reps”
  2. In the expanded list of options under “Sales Reps,” choose “View/Edit Sales Reps”
  3. Under the “Add New Rep” panel, click the plus sign on the right side of the page
  4. Fill in the information fields for the new sales rep. Important fields include the rep’s name, email address, and password, along with the rep number.
  5. Once the rep’s information has been filled in, click the orange “Add Sales Rep” button
  6. The sales rep will receive a welcome email with installation instructions and login info for the app


Adding a Sales Rep that Already Uses RepZio

If a Manufacturer wants to sign up a sales rep for their line and the sales rep already has an account with RepZio, simply ask the sales rep for the email address they already use. When creating their account, start their license by adding the email address and it will automatically populate their password. The same email address must be used for all manufacturers.  



Setting Market Name

When you set a Market Name for a sales rep, any order they write AFTER that point will automatically have the Market Name of the Order populated.  This is a great way to segment your data for Reporting and to see which Orders were written at each Market.

  1. Select the rep whose market name is being set or click "Quick Edit"
  2. In the “Enter Market Name” field, type in the rep’s market name
  3. When finished click the orange “Save” button 


Setting Showroom Mode

Placing reps in showroom mode will allow them to see all customers.  This is useful in a market setting where reps may not be assisting their normally assigned customers.  This is a setting to turn off and on.  During the Showroom Mode, the reps stats under reports does not represent all customers.

  1. Select the rep whose showroom mode is being changed
  2. Tick the box next to Showroom Mode to place the rep in showroom mode
  3. When finished click the orange “Save” button

Setting Admin Mode

Admin Mode allows the rep to see all customers as well as all orders submitted by all reps. Therefore, an Admin user should not have Showroom Mode on at the same time. 

  1. Tick the box next to Admin Mode to place the rep in Admin Mode
  2. When finished click the orange “Save” button

Exclude Price Levels

You may want to exclude a rep(s) from seeing certain price levels on the app.

  1. Enter the Numerical value for the Price Level you want to be excluded from the sales rep.  For example, you would use 0 for BasePrice, 1 for PriceLevel1 and so on. If you want to exclude multiple price levels, separate them with a comma (0,1).
  2. When finished click the orange "Save" button
  3. Click "Push Data Live" when ready to send update out to the iPads

**Deleting a Sales Rep

  1. Access the View/Edit Sales Rep screen
  2. Click the red "x" on the right side of the screen, adjacent to the intended Rep's name and other info.
  3. In the pop-up window, confirm your selection by clicking "Delete(Rep Name)"

This will remove the sales rep from the manufacturer.  If the rep is associated with other manufacturers in RepZio, those will be unaffected.  



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