ShopZio: Granting Access to Customers

ShopZio: Granting Access to Customers


  1. Login to the ShopZio Admin
  2. Click on the Access Request tab - This will open to the list of request

            ShopZio App Request (#)

-Select a row below to search for and associate a customer to this app access.

  1. Select a row

Once you select a row you will see that the request is either an existing customer of yours or a new customer altogether.


  1. New Customer

When a row is selected to a new customer, a box that says “create new account” will appear to the right. Clicking this box creates a new customer account within t ur RepZio account/ ShopZio Brand. This page is where they are assigned a customer number, price level and assigned a rep. Now click the box that say’s “create new customer”

They will now be a customer in RepZio and will not appear in the access request on the ShopZio Admin list again. Click the row again and associate the request to the customer account you just created by clicking the green button. This associates the request to the customer account and they will now get an email verifying they were granted access to shop.

 5. Existing Customers

Select a row and a green button that says associate account appears to the right, once this is clicked the customer will receive an access granted email. It tells them the Brand and how to log in to shop.


***You can click the LinkedIn button and verify if they are registered on it at this point too.


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    Scott Denton

    How can a customer edit their existing address or account details?

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