Processing Credit Cards in RepZio

The sales rep captures the card information on the app.  This information is tokenized and passed to the webmanager portal with a submitted order.  The card is not charged at this time. It is only checked for validity and puts a hold on the card for the amount of the order.  When the order is ready to be shipped, you can charge the customers card from webmanager by:

  • Browsing to the View Orders section in webmanager
  • Click on the OrderID of the order you wish to collect payment on
  • At the bottom of the order, you will have two options:  


  1. Charge Card Ending in xxxx
  2. Add a new card
  • Once a card is selected click "Charge Card Ending in xxxx"

Next, from the Charge Credit Card for Order screen:


  • Choose "Authorize and Capture"
  • Verify the Amount to charge
  • Update Order Status if necessary
  • Click "Charge Customer's Credit Card" to process the payment

You have now successfully charged a customer's credit card through RepZio webmanager.


Note:  You can also charge credit cards in your credit card processor's web terminal.

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