Customer Changes

In this section, you will be able to review proposed edits to customer information from your sales reps. Your sales reps may need to edit their customers’ information during an order; a customer may have moved to a new location, changed their email, or updated their phone.  Any edits to customer information made by your sales reps while using the App will not become permanent without your authorization.



This screenshot shows the choices a sales rep can make once they have changed a piece of customer information within the App: they can either cancel the change, save the changes to the order only, or save the changes to the order and client. The proposed edits in the “Customer Changes” section will only be displayed if your sales rep select the “Save Changes to Order and Client” option.



The Customer Changes section will display the proposed information under the various headers. Once you have previewed the changes, you have two options: the orange “Download Updated Customers” button will download the proposed changes and keep them displayed within this section. The red “Archive & Download Updated Customers” button will download the information and removes it from the display.



Clicking on either button will take you to the Dropbox account that RepZio created for your organization. Click the “Download” button to save the spreadsheet to your computer. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, review the proposed customer changes, and edit as needed. You can upload the spreadsheet using the standard data sheet upload procedures outlined in the “Manage Data” section of the WebMananger User Guide. This will enact the proposed customer information edits in your account.



What if there is a proposed change that is wrong? How do I correct it or remove it?

Once you download the spreadsheet by clicking on the Orange/Red download buttons, you will be able to make any edits that are necessary to the proposed customer edits.


I clicked on the red “Archive & Download Updated Customers” button, but it didn’t take me to the spreadsheet. What gives?

If you use multiple different Dropbox accounts, then you may need to re-sign into the Dropbox account that RepZio set up for you. Once you re-sign in, click on the red button again to download the spreadsheet.


What’s the difference between the orange and red buttons?

The orange button will keep the proposed customer changes displayed in the “Customer Changes” section of the WebManager. The red button will remove the information from the display.

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