Importing Data into RepZio using Dropbox

Once you have received your Dropbox invitation and accepted it, you should see the following folders:

This document outlines the rules required to use the functionality of the imports folder.

To allow you to automate the processing of your image and data upload files, the Repzio system monitors the imports shared folder and process files contained in those folders based on the rules and file names outlined below.
Please note the system WILL NOT IMPORT your files if they are named differently than the requirements outlined below.

Please refer to the import templates for the correct field structure and note that column names need to match the template column names.
Once a data file has been processed by the RepZio system you will receive an email notification of the import results and the file will be moved to the "Processed" sub-folder in the imports folder.

File naming conventions

  • Products
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_products.txt

  • Customers
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_customers.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customers.txt

  • Inventory
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_inventory.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_inventory.txt

  • ShipTos
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_shiptos.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_shiptos.txt

  • Child Products
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_child_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_child_products.txt

  • Related Products
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_related_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_related_products.txt

  • Product Categories
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_productcategories.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_productcategories.txt 

  • Volume Pricing 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_volume_pricing.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_volume_pricing.txt

  • Customer Special Pricing 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_customer_special_pricing.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customer_special_pricing.txt

  • Tags
    Excel Filename: repzio_import_tags.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_tags.txt

  • Customer Update/Merge
    Excel Filename: repzio_import_customer_merge.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customer_merge.txt

  • Automatically Push Data Live
    Text File Name:
     If this file is not present your data will need to be pushed live manually from the web manager.  This file does not need to have any content, it is simply a .txt file that has to be named run_golive.txt AND be placed in DropBox AFTER any files you are importing


These files must be placed in the 'imports' folder.
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