Setting Up Container Pricing in RepZio

RepZio let's you quickly write container orders, which will help you save a ton of time. First, we will need to set it up correctly. All we have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

  1. For this example, let's assume you want to put your container pricing in PriceLevel2. This means we need to populate the PriceLevel2 column with new container pricing values. We can do this by either creating a new product template data sheet, or open my existing products data sheet and filling in the data there.
  2. Optionally, we can set the Source column to the factory the the product comes from.  This allows you to then filter products by Factory or location so you don't write an order for a container coming from to 2 different places.
  3. Next, we need to populate the ContainerMinQty column with the Minimum Order Quantity needed for ordering items in a Container. For example, most products may only require only 1 or 2 items to order; but when it comes to a Container, your company may require the customer to order at least 50 or 100 items to be ordered.
  4. Upload this updated Products spreadsheet into the Webmanager.
  5. Next, we need to go into the main Webmanager dashboard and set my Price Name Settings for PriceLevel2 so it is easy to understand inside the app:

  1. Choose "Save" at the bottom once you have entered names for your Price Levels
  2. Click "Push Data Live" to sent to the iPad.
Login to the app and go to the Container order screen and you should be all set!  
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