Setting Up Your Showroom for Success

Once your data has been synced to your iPad, RepZio does not require you to have an Internet 
connection to use the App. You will, however, have users who did not install and sync prior to showing up to market and needing this done.
This is not a big deal UNLESS you don’t have a decent network / Internet connection in 
your showroom. Using the default modem/router provided to you by your ISP is not going 
to cut it.  Most likely it has hardware that was developed before any of the mobile devices 
your users are using.  Most people have “at minimum” 2 devices that want access to your 
network; their phone and iPad.  For 25 people that is 50 connections/devices; and if you’re 
like most showrooms your phone is connected which is not conducive to a productive market.
To avoid network issues we recommend the following router:
Asus RT-AC66U 
This router will be able to handle the traffic, number of devices and allow you to block users 
from killing your network by downloading movies they plan to watch on the airplane.
Upgrade Your Internet Service Plan
Using the lowest speed / cheapest DSL plan will not support the heavy traffic and cause 
you problems.  Remember, you probably have 25+ devices all trying to share that slow 
Internet connection, so the money you save on that cheap DSL bill will cost you more in 
user frustration because they cannot get a decent connection.  A decent Internet 
connection working with a solid router will make things run much more smoothly.
Most printer brands now have AirPrint capable printers, and most of them seem to work 
great.  That being said, your AirPrint capable printer will work MUCH MUCH better if it’s 
hardwired into the network. If your iPhone, iPad, and Printer are all connected wirelessly, 
it can cause a very slow response time to the printer. Once your customer has placed an 
order, the last thing they want to do is wait.  So hardwiring your printer will have a much 
faster response time on your network.
Finger Print
If you do not want to buy an AirPrint printer and already have a network printer, you can 
install Finger Print from Collobos. Install Finger Print on any computer that is connected to 
that network printer and you are done.  It’s very simple, cheap and easy to do. 
They have a free trial, so it does not cost one cent to set it up and see if it works for you.
Thank you, and please email us at if you have any questions!

The RepZio Team
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