Importing Sales Orders to QuickBooks from RepZio

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Data Integration Utility installed; you can install it from here: 

RepZio Data Integraiton Tool

The first step in getting your sales orders back into QuickBooks is to download and export the orders you wish to import from the RepZio web portal:




  1. Find the orders you wish to export. 
  2. Select the export format QuickBooks Expanded Sales Orders.
  3. Click on Export Selected Data.
  4. Save the .zip file to a place that you can easily remember/find. 


From the RepZio Data Integration Utility, go to the import tab. 

If you have no import tab visible, right click on the RepZio application icon in your system tray and click on import options. Check the QuickBooks import option to have the import tab display. 




  1. Browse to the zip file downloaded from the web portal. 
  2. QuickBooks Item Field remains the same "ItemID" unless you know how it should be set otherwise. 
  3. QuickBooks Discount Item should be the item you have setup within your QuickBooks that acts as a discount item. 
  4. The New Product Account settings should be set if you expect new items will be coming in via the import. 
  5. They should match the account numbers defined for your inventory items in QuickBooks. 
  6. If you expect no new items, then you shouldn't have to worry about these account settings. 
  7. Once the settings have been defined, click the Import Sales Orders from RepZio to QuickBooks button. 

This will import the orders into QuickBooks and notify you of the total number of orders imported once complete. 

Please contact us with any questions!

Thanks you,

The RepZio Team

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    Scott Denton

    The highlighted yellow export format is not correctly showing. The actual format to select is QuickBooks Expanded Sales Orders

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