RepZio App Worksheet for Sales Reps

After viewing the App Training videos 

1.  Add Client (Video 2 and 5). Create a Client account for yourself. Be sure to include your Email Address. ****If you have already done this, update your client record with the most current info.

2. Create an order (use your own account or test account) with three of your favorite products- use the binoculars to search for an item by name and then by item id. (Video 4)

4- Email copy of your quote/order to yourself or the WebManager as a test, using the Gear Button in top corner of order preview screen.

5- Find previous clients and orders using the Recent Activity section. Select one of your training orders, to preview. You can also use it to complete the other training assignments.

6- Add a product to an order and enter a line item note for this same item. 

7- Add 5% Discount to an entire order or  Add a $10 Discount to one item in an order of two or more products.  (complete if you do discounts)

8- Use scanner to add products to an unsubmitted order

  • Browse products (no price shows until you pick a price under the gear in right corner)
  • Search for existing clients

  • Add a client

  • Update client records

  • Place a test order for a specific client

  • Search for products and add to order

  • Add notes to specific product line item

  • Add Discounts (% or $ amount) to entire order, or specific product line items.

  • Preview and email copy of a quote

  • Using the Recent Activity icon, find unsubmitted orders, recent clients, recently submitted orders


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