Customer Template

Customer Template Overview

The Customer Template (“ImportCustomerTemplate.xls”) is used to load your customers into the RepZio Webmanager. Along with every spreadsheet in RepZio, make sure that your customer template is in .xls or .txt (Tab Delimited) format.

 Customer Template Fields

  • CustomerNumber - The unique identifier for each customer (can be alpha-numeric)
  • Name - The name of your customer
  • Phone - The main phone number for your customer
  • Address1 - The main address line for your customer (street and house number)
  • Address2 - An additional line for your customer’s address (suite, building number, etc.)
  • City - The city of your customer’s main address
  • StateProvince - The state of your customer’s main address
  • PostalCode - The zip code of your customer’s main address
  • PriceLevel - The pricing level at which you want this customer to purchase products. Simply type the number, from 0 to 20, of the correct price level. (0 indicates BasePrice)
  • ContactName - The person from the company with whom you speak
  • Fax - The fax number of your customer
  • RepNumber - The code of the rep that will be working with this customer
  • ContactPhone - The direct line of your contact at the company
  • ContactEmail - The email address of your contact at the company
  • Terms - Any conditions you would like to specify for this customer
  • Country - The country of your customer’s main address
  • PricingDiscount - Currently not used.
  • UDF (1-2) - Unavailable fields. Used for internal search. Do NOT use.
  • UDF (3-5) - Additional fields of information for your customer
  • Exported - Internal Use Only. 
  • IsDeleted - Manages whether or not your customer should appear on the iPad. Mark “FALSE” for the customer to be active, and “TRUE” for it to be removed.
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