Multi-Line Rep Group Setup

Setting Up Multi-line Accounts in RepZio:

In order to accommodate multiple lines within your RepZio account, your data will need to be set up a specific way.

First, your product template must contain two additional columns called CatalogCode and CatalogName.

The CatalogCode column will hold the four character identification code for each line. This code will be added to the beginning of your products’ ItemIDs and will be used to create the subfolders within your Images DropBox folder.

To easily add the Catalog Code to the beginning of your ItemIDs, use the following Concatenate formula. Please note that the example spreadsheet has Catalog Codes in column B and ItemIDs in column A: 


If your ItemID is 12345 and your CatalogCode is ABC, the updated ItemID would be ABC-12345. 

The CatalogName column is where you assign a full name for the four character abbreviated Catalog Codes. This name can be anything that allows you to easily identify each line.

Using DropBox with Multi-line Accounts:

Your DropBox folders need to be set up a little different to ensure images are saved properly. You will need to create subfolders in the images folder of this DropBox to match your Catalog Codes.

In the example we showed above, your subfolder in the images DropBox would be named ABC. This would then allow you to upload an image named 12345.jpg and the system would read it as ABC-12345. This matches the updated ItemID on your product spreadsheet. 

Splitting Orders by Line on iPad

Once your data is set up for the multi-line manufacturer, you will need to enable Split Orders in Web Manager to allow for orders with products from multiple lines to be separated by manufacturer.

  1. Login to the RepZio Webmanager
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab in the blue bar on the left side of your screen
  3. From the expanded menu, choose App Settings
  4. From the "Basic Settings" window that opens, select the "Advanced" tab
  5. Enable the toggle option called "Split Order on Catalog"


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