Categories Template

Categories Template Overview

The Categories Template (“RepZio_Import_ProductCategories.xls”) is used to load the categories for your products into RepZio. Along with every spreadsheet in RepZio, make sure that your Categories template is in .XLS or .TXT (Tab Delimited) format.


Categories Template Fields

  • ItemID - The item code or SKU of the product you want in a specific category
  • Categories - The name of the category in which you want a specific product placed
  • SortOrder - The desired order of the products within a category
  • IsDeleted - Manages whether or not you want a specific product to appear within a specific category. Mark “FALSE” for the product to appear in the category, and “TRUE” for it to be removed from the category


Naming Categories

The naming convention for categories differs based on whether or not the categories contain subcategories. For example: 

  • If you are not using subcategories, simply type the name of the category in the Categories column: Example: Clothes 
  • If you are using subcategories, use a forward slash to indicate the next category level: Example: /Clothes/Shorts 
  • If you want to assign a product to multiple categories, you can do so using a pipe (Note that there should NOT be spaces surrounding the pipe on the spreadsheet)Example: Clothes | Fashion or /Clothes/Shorts | /Fashion/Pants 
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