Understanding the Child Product Template

Child Product Template Overview

The Child Product Template (“ImportChildProducts.xls”) is used to upload the Child Items for your products to display on RepZio App.  In preparation for setting your account to display Child Items this template needs to be completed properly and saved in either .XLS or .TXT (Tab Delimited) format and uploaded through the webmanager portal and then pushed out to the app.  

Child Items allow you to associate similar products that may be bought in multiple sizes and or colors to display under a tab within a Parent product.  This template allows you to create a quick way for your users to go between a main or parent product and a Child Item.  For example, you offer a product in blue (parent product) but it also comes in red, black and white so you could associate the other available colors as Child Items to the blue one which will then be referred to as the Parent product.  

Child Product Template Fields

  • ItemID - The item code or SKU of the Parent product
  • ChildItemID - The item code or SKU of the child product
  • ChildItemOrder - The order in which the child items will appear- this sorts items to show in an order you prefer.  This is optional by default the products will display on the app by ItemId
  • IsDeleted - Manages whether or not you want the child product to appear under the parent. Mark “FALSE” for the child product to appear, and “TRUE” for it to be removed.


IMPORTANT:  Parent products must be in a category in order to be seen on the app and the Child Items associated to the Parent product must NOT be categorized as they are only seen through the parent product. All products that are called Child Items must be listed on the product template as an active item but not categorized.  

More information on Child Items


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