Related Product Template


Related Product Template Overview

The Related Product Template (“ImportRelatedProductsTemplate.xls”) is used to load the related items for your products into RepZio. Along with every spreadsheet in RepZio, make sure that your related product template is in .xls or .txt (Tab Delimited) format.

Related products are used in RepZio to display similar products that you may in conjunction with your current product or possibly buy instead of the item you are currently viewing. For example, if a client is viewing a specific chair, you would set up other similar chairs that you offer as related products. This would allow your client to see all products related to the one he or she is currently viewing. 


Related Product Template Fields

  • ItemID - The item code or SKU of the product for which you want to create related items for.
  • RelatedItemID - The item code or SKU of the related product
  • PhotoName - Identify your product image if named differently than the itemid.jpg
  • RelatedItemOrder - The order in which the related products will appear
  • IsDeleted - Manages whether or not you want the related product to appear. Mark “FALSE” for the related product to appear, and “TRUE” for it to be removed.

Click Here to See how Related Items are Displayed on the App

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