Uploading Product Images

RepZio Images 

Images named to match your products by ItemID and in .jpg format can easily be dropped into the DropBox-image folder or into the Webmanager for your RepZio account.  The images will automatically attach to your products if they are .jpg format and do not exceed 2048x2048 pixels. After the image file transfer, you will be able to view them in both the Webmanager portal and the RepZio app. 

For example: if the ItemID is ABC for a product, then the photo name should be ABC.jpg and dropped into the DropBox image folder.  If the images are not in the .jpg format or they exceed size limits they will not upload to your account.  

If you have images that are not named as the ItemID, you can use the column called PHOTONAME on your product template. Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet, you will be able to upload your images as usual. Your images will still need to be in .jpg format.  

Important:  Our system will not accept image files that have a"+" or "/" in their name.  A workaround for this is to rename your image without using these symbols then add that new image name to the PhotoName field associated with that product.

Uploading Images via DropBox

  1. Log in to your DropBox account
  2. Access RepZio’s shared folder (“RepZio-CompanyName”)
  3. Within the shared folder, navigate to the “images” subfolder
  4. Click  "Upload Files" located on the right side of the screen
  5. Click “Choose files” to browse for the images
  6. Once you have selected the images, click “Open”
  7. Allow the images to completely upload to the DropBox folder
  8. Log in to Web Manager and Push Data Live

Uploading Product Images in Web Manager

  1. Log in to your account in RepZio’s Webmanager
  2. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click the “Manage Images” icon
  3. From the expanded list of options under “Manage Images,” choose “Upload Images”
  4. Click “Drop files here to upload” in order to find and select the images
  5. Once you have selected the images, click “Open” to upload them

Uploading Additional Images

  1. If the main images for your products are named the same as the products' ItemIDs, you can simply use the same name for the additional images with the addition of an underscore and a number such as 1, 2, 3, etc. For example, if the ItemID of a product is ABC, your first additional image would be named ABC_1, your second would be called ABC_2, etc. 
  2. If you have custom image names listed in the PhotoName column for your products, you can attach _1 or _2 to the custom image name for the additional photos. If a product's ItemID is ABC but the PhotoName of the image is XYZ, your additional images should be named XYZ_1XYZ_2, etc. 
  3. If you have additional image names that aren't the same as the main product image, you can put the custom names in the AdditionalPhotos column on the product template spreadsheet. Separate multiple additional image names with a comma. If a product's ItemID is ABC, the main photo name is XYZ, and the additional images are named A1A2, and A3, then in the AdditionalPhotos column you would type A1,A2,A3


Dropbox Folder Setup for Multi-Line Rep Group

Your DropBox folders need to be set up a little different to ensure images are saved properly.  You will need to create subfolders in the images folder of this DropBox to match your Catalog Codes (Catalog Codes are on the product template and can be exported from the Web Manager)


What this does is append the folder name to the image which ensures that image ItemID.jpg for one vendor does not overwrite ItemID.jpg for another vendor.  

Using this example if the filenames would be adjusted to: ABCD-ItemID.jpg, GOLD-ItemID.jpg

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