Downloading the RepZio App

RepZio App Requirements

In order to use the RepZio App, you must have access to a mobile Apple device that runs iOS. Your options are an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. 


Downloading the App

  1. On your iOS device, go to the "App Store" app
  2. Tap on the search field in the top right hand corner (Hint: Look for the magnifying glass icon)
  3. Type "RepZio" into the search field and press the blue "Search" button
  4. Touch the button next to the RepZio App that says "GET"
  5. The "GET" button will then display "INSTALL." Tap the button again to begin the installation process (Note: You may have to type in your Apple password to approve the download)
  6. Allow the RepZio App to finish downloading before attempting to access it


You are now ready to log in to the RepZio App. View this article for instructions: Logging in to the RepZio App

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