Child & Related Items as Seen in the App

In the RepZio App, there are two features called Child Items and Related Items that can be used to display products more efficiently.  Each of these features enables rapid access to other products similar to a main product by displaying another size or color with one tap of an icon.

Child Items and Related Items can be used to display your products in a theme, a grouping, or to show similar products that vary by color or size.  These features can accomplish similar goals of suggesting products and completing orders quickly by helping guide the user to other products with the ability to add to an order.

Child Items are displayed under a tab within the details of the parent product.  The tab by default is called "Child Items", but may be renamed by your company to better describe your products.  "Options", "Alternate Colors", or "Other Products" are commonly used as replacement names for the tab.

Related items are linked to a product by an icon at the bottom left of the product details within the app. These items are not connected to a parent product, so they do need to be categorized. This link is easy to find while you are looking at a product: there is a Related Item icon that, once tapped, will take the user to the other products.  

These items may be selected and added to an order instead of the original product being viewed.  For example, a buyer viewing a specific chair would click on a related product of a table or love seat or another chair with a different style.  Related items can be used to sell mates or sets of products as well.  

Note: A product can have both Child Items and Related Items associated to it. 

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