Troubleshooting Image Upload Problems

If an image that you have uploaded into RepZio using webmanager or Dropbox does not appear in webmanager or the app, there are a few things to check.

File Format

  • RepZio only uses the .jpg file format in the RepZio app.
  • Files saved as .gif, .psd, .png, .jpeg, and even .JPG in all Caps will not work when uploaded.  
  • Make sure to only use .jpg in all lowercase letters.

Photo Name

  • If a name other than that of the ItemID is used to name an image, make sure to note the image name in the PhotoName Column for that product.


If you have placed images for upload into DropBox and they never seem to process, or they show on the app improperly rotated, here is something that may help:

  • Image files have additional content called "exif" or "meta data" which stores information about the camera settings, location, file author and a number of other details. That additional information can interfere with the usability of an image file.

How to remove exif content from images

  • A simple method is to open the file in MSPaint in windows (which is free) and SaveAs the same file name.
  • You should see the size of the file change, even though no additional compression is being applied.

If you use Photoshop, here is an article explaining how to use it to batch process existing files here:


Any image editor you use that allows you to web optimize, save without meta, or save without exif information should work.

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