Adding Credit Card Information To An Order

Open your unsubmitted order, scroll to the bottom of the preview order screen, and find the capture credit card icon:

This screen will show if a customer has more than one credit card on file. In the above screen shot it shows this customer has no cards on file in our system.

Tap "Capture Credit Card" and add the credit card information using the following screen that comes up manually. 

Another way to add credit card information is by using your iPad's camera. Open the camera by tapping the camera icon and taking a picture of the front of the card. This will auto-fill the information from the front of the card.  Using this option, you will only need to enter the CVV number from the back of the card.


Once you enter and verify all credit card details, tap on "Save Credit Card". This will add the card to our system and note on the order to use the credit card. 

If the customer has more than one card on file you will see the end of the card numbers on the account.  You can pick one on file or add another at this point. 


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