Receipt and Tear Sheet Emails are Missing Content, or Never Arrive

RepZio can send the following types of documents to the Manufacturer, Sales Rep, or the Customer, depending upon the settings the Manufacturer has in place.

Emailed Orders can be sent BEFORE they are submitted. Because they have not yet been submitted:

  • There will not be an OrderID
  • There will not be an OrderDate
  • Images must exist on your iPad for them to be sent
  • They are sent from your iPad email address
  • An AirPrint template is used to create this document


  • You may send bookmarked items created for specific clients
  • You may include or exclude pricing and select the PriceLevel to send
  • You may include or exclude Branding
  • If the Manufacturer offers more than a single tearsheet template, you may select the one to be applied
  • Tearsheets are sent from the RepZio server and images depend upon what the manufacturer has made available

Submitted Orders

  • There will be an OrderID
  • There will  be an OrderDate
  • Images are sent from the RepZio server depend upon what the manufacturer has made available
  • They are sent from and the "replyto" in the email will be your sales rep account email address

If you do not receive what you expect, make sure to check the program you are using for email. You may have a filter or rule being applied which is sending email to a spam or trash folder


Look for any emails in your Trash or Spam folders and add RepZio to your Safe Senders List



Look in your spam folder. If you see an email from RepZio, you can remove the spam label and Google will no longer mark it as spam.

Google also has folders that it may be moving content into for you, such as Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. Check that messages have not been categorized for you and hidden them

Yahoo, AOL, Thunderbird and others all have spam filters which can hide email

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