Troubleshooting Clients Not Showing on iPad

This can happen if the iPad has a less than ideal internet connection during a Sync Data or Refresh Data.  

  1. Verify that the iPad can connect to the internet by opening Safari and making sure you can access websites.  
  2. Once confirmed, perform a Sync Data by logging out of the RepZio app, and then logging back in by pressing the green arrow on the login screen.
  3. From the next screen (list of manufacturers), wait for the sync to complete before selecting your manufacturer.  
  4. Verify with your manufacturer that clients are assigned to your rep number or they have placed you in "Showroom Mode"
  5. Verify that the "Show All Clients" Toggle is on (should be green)



If your clients are still missing, then a Refresh Data will be needed.  

  1. Again verify a good Wifi connection is available. 
  2. Once you have confirmed WIFI you can now refresh your data.  To do so tap on the gear icon at the bottom right side of your manufacturer's main screen.  

   3. Select Refresh Data from the next screen and tap OK to start the Refresh.

   4. Log back in, wait for the Data Sync to complete and your customers should reappear.  

**If they still do not, then a full uninstall and reinstall of the app will be necessary for the customers to reappear on your iPad.

Information on doing a full reinstall can be found here:  Re-Installing RepZio without iCloud Restore & Backup

Note, before starting this process, make sure any unsubmitted orders are emailed to yourself as they will be erased and need to be re-entered after the install is completed.

Log back in and wait for the sync to complete, your customers will reappear.



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