Adding Ship To Addresses via Webmanager

Adding an additional "Ship To" address for a customer can be completed in the Webmanager.

The Webmanager can use the "ImportShipTo" Template (which is available for download in this article) to upload ShipTo addresses to the



  1. Log in to your account in RepZio’s Webmanager
  2. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click the "Manage Data" icon
  3. From the expanded menu select "Upload Data Sheets"
  4. Choose "Customer Ship To's" from the drop down menu
  5. Browse your computer or drag and drop your file for upload
  6. Click "My Data Looks Good" 
  7. Once finished uploading data, choose "Push Data Live" to send your updates to the iPad.


The data sheet is one of the RepZio optional import templates, and can be downloaded

at: Download RepZio Data Templates.

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