Adding Bookmarks to Client Accounts

Items can be bookmarked for easy retrieval and are specific to the client.

  • Choose your manufacturer & select your client by clicking on "Client" at bottom of screen to scroll your client list.
  • Select a category to find products.
  • Tap on the grey bookmark ribbon and it will turn red.  Depending on the view, you will either see the grey ribbon on the top left or right corner of the product.
  • Continue to move through the categories and mark all the products you want selected.  Now go back one page by pushing the back arrow at the upper left corner of the category screen.

From the clients landing page you will now see the orange bookmark at the bottom right corner and it will now show a red circle showing the items marked for this client.  Tap the bookmark icon to view products.

  • You can tap one of the red ribbons to unmark an item to remove from the bookmark list it Bookmark icon for the client.
  • From the Bookmarks screen you click the paper/pencil icon to send a Tear Sheet.
  • You can also click the gear icon to add bookmarks to an order or remove all bookmarks from the client account.
  • If these items would benefit other clients, from this screen you can click the stack of paper and create a Tag that will show on your landing page for each client. 

To learn more about Tag's search for "tags" under the knowledge base support page.

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