Keyboard Split/Merge/Dock

An easy way to type while holding the iPad with two hands is done by using split keyboard functionality. This will split the keyboard in two halves and place them on the left and right sides of the iPad. A simple gesture is all it takes, provided you’ve got the setting enabled.

You can also split the iPad’s keyboard by tapping and holding the keyboard key.

  • Tap Settings, then General, scroll down the page a bit, and then tap Keyboard. Scroll down to the “Split Keyboard” setting and make sure it’s set to “On.”
  • Press the Home key, then pull up the iPad keyboard in the RepZio app.
  • Tap and hold the keyboard with two fingers—one on each side of the keyboard—and spread your fingertips apart to split the keyboard in half. Another option is to tap and hold the keyboard key in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard, then select Split.
  • To make the keyboard whole again, tap and hold each half of the keyboard with two fingers and squeeze them back together in a pinching motion, or tap and hold the keyboard key and select Merge.


You can also undock the keyboard so it floats in the middle of the screen as opposed to the bottom.

  • Tap and hold the keyboard key again, then select Undock.


To return the keyboard to its original orientation:

  • Tap and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the keyboard and select Dock and Merge.
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