How much free storage (space) does my iOS device have

If you find your device is continuously closing on you as you work, it is possible that you are experiencing a shortage of space on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.  Large amounts of apps, music, photos, podcasts, etc. will consume excessive amounts of space on your iPad and cause apps to close unexpectedly.  Be sure to pay close attention to how much space is available on your iPad by following these steps:

  • Press the home button on the device and tap the "Settings" icon
  • In Settings, press "General"
  • To the right of General, press the "Storage & iCloud Usage" tab


Once inside "Storage & iCloud Usage" listed under Storage, you will see how much space in GB is being Used and how much is available. The lower the number in the ‘Available’ section, the less amount of space you have on your iPad and the more likely you are to have your RepZio app unexpectedly close on you.

Be sure to regularly remove any unnecessary data stored on your iPad to ensure proper operation of the RepZio app.


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