Edit Customers in Webmanager Portal

Edit Customers

  •  Shows list of all customers with customer file headers with “Filter icons” next to them. Filter icons help you filter down your data so you can find the specific data you are looking for.
  • Clicking on the filter icon on each header will make a search field appear. This search field will allow you to type in the information you are looking for under that header. Press the filter button under the search field once you have typed in the information you are looking for.
  •  Upon finding the customer you are looking for, you will see a link that reads “View” to the left of the customer name.
  • After pressing "view", you will see specific customer information (Customer Number, Rep Number, Email, Billing & Shipping) as well as an ‘Edit Customer’ button where you can edit specific information about the customer and an ‘Add Credit Card’ button where you may add or update the customer's credit card number.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of recent orders by the customer. The orders will have the following information as headers: Order ID, Order Date, Rep Number, Order Status, and Order Total.

 Customer Ship To's

  • Set up and functions the same way as Edit Customers, only difference is it includes customers Ship To’s.

More information on Customer Ship To's

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