RepZio Automatic Data Sync Versus Refresh Data

The RepZio App will automatically receive and synchronize data changes from the Webmanager to the iOS device. This process happens automatically once you are logged in and connected to Wi-Fi. The sync takes care of the daily updates, so RepZio users do not have to worry about it. 

Sync Data 

While RepZio users are connected to a solid Wi-Fi connection and logged into the app, data syncing is automatically happening.

  • The sync begins once the user has logged in and the “Choose a Manufacturer” page appears.
  • You will see the icon for the manufacturer and a line moving below it that shows the sync progress.
  • During the sync you will see things like…saving AddUpdateClient, saving AddUpdateProduct or DownloadingImage until it completes with a Last sync: date & time.

This happens constantly and is the normal way to deliver updates to and from the app.

Refresh Data 

Refresh data, found within the app's settings, is often overused when it isn't needed.

  • Refresh data wipes all data for that manufacturer within the app and pulls EVERYTHING back down again from web manager.
  • This should NOT be done on a daily basis.
  • This is a last resort option and it is simply not necessary, can take a lot of time with no real benefit.  

Users should only refresh the app data if they have been instructed to do so by their manufacturer's Webmanager or RepZio support.




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