How and When to Use Copy Order After an Order is Submitted

Depending on how a manufacturer handles their business process regarding whether or not quotes will be submitted, you as a Sales Rep may need to copy a "Quote" order back to a customer for resubmission once the customer gives authorization.

If your manufacturer wants to keep a copy of both the "Quote" and the "Accept" Order, then you as the Rep would use the "Copy Order" function to create a duplicate order to be used for resubmission.  The rep would only need to change the order type to "Accept".

  1. Tap "Recent" from the manufacturer landing page or choose the specific client
  2. Choose the order you wish to copy
  3. Press the gear in the upper right corner
  4. Select "Copy Order"
  5. Choose the same client from the list

You will now see a copy of that order appear in the unsubmitted orders list as the active order.

  1. Tap on the order copy in the unsubmitted list
  2. Press the dropdown menu and change the order type to "Accept"
  3. Make any other necessary edits to the order
  4.  Click "Submit" to resend the completed order

The "Copy Order" function can also be used if the customer wishes to place the same or similar order in the future.  Once copied back to the customer, all order info can be edited before submission.

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