Multiple Orders for the Same Client

Need to create more than one order for the same client? Maybe your client has more than one location in which they receive orders. Follow these directions to create multiple orders for the same client:

  • Select the client you wish to create multiple orders for from the ‘Clients’ button.

  • Start adding the desired products to create an order.
  • Return to the client page and refer to the Orders section at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

  • Press the red ‘Unsubmitted’ button that lists all of your currently unsubmitted orders. It includes a number in large text indicating the amount of unsubmitted orders you have.

Once inside, you will see a list view of all of your unsubmitted orders with a red box next to the Product Order (PO) Number. The order that you are currently working on will have the word ‘ACTIVE’ inside the red box.

  • Create a new order by typing in a custom “New PO Number” in the NEW ORDER field and pressing the green ‘CREATE’ button. The name can include numbers and/or letters (EXAMPLE: 2-1-2016 OR February Shipment OR 2-1-2016 Shipment)

You have now created a new active unsubmitted order to the same client. The red button in the bottom corner will now show an additional unsubmitted order. In list view, you can toggle between orders by simply pressing which one you want to be active.

Once you have completed the orders and submitted them separately, the red unsubmitted boxes next to the PO Numbers will turn green indicating that you have successfully submitted the orders.

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