Additional Rep Numbers

There may be a need to share customers between Sales Reps. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways using an Additional Rep Number.   For example, if the customers you wish to share are currently assigned to Sales Rep John Smith with the Rep Number 101, you can use that Rep Number and add it to the Additional Rep Number field of any other Sales Rep you wish to see those customers and their associated orders.

In a case where the customers are not assigned directly to any Sales Rep, the Additional Rep Number can be associated with a Rep Number that you create and can then be shared between Sales Reps (This Rep number would not need to be associated with a valid Sales Rep license). For example, you can assign customers to a Rep Number named “House Account”, or anything you wish. That newly created Rep number can be added to the Additional Rep Number field of any Sales Rep you wish to see the customers and orders associated with the “House Account”.

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