Adding Send Files

The RepZio app gives you the ability for your Reps to easily share files with their customers using the Send Files function.  Send files may be a document or other information reps need to share with clients/customers. The Send Files are loaded to your RepZio App using the companyfiles folder within Dropbox.  That’s it! The Send File will show up on the iPad within 15 minutes.  They can be viewed on the app under the Send Files icon on the landing page or within the client account page.  

In order to make use of this functionality simply upload files (Ex: CreditAuth form, RMA form, About Us document) to the "companyfiles" folder in Dropbox


  • There are a couple reserved characters that cannot be used in Send File names: "#, +, &" will cause trouble when trying to view or send these files from the iPad. 
  • Send Files cannot be saved in .csv file format as the file will not open properly on either the iPad or the recipient it is being sent to.


Once processed, your Reps will be able to access the files from the Send Files section of the app. Files are available locally and can be emailed to customers as well.



You also have the ability to create sub-folders for your Send Files. This will allow you to organize your Send Files in any way that makes sense for you. The process to do so is simple--all you have to do is follow the directions below!

  1. Login to the Dropbox folder that is shared between your company and RepZio.
  2. Double click on the "CompanyFiles" folder.
  3. Create a new folder by clicking on the "New Folder" icon at the top right side of your screen.
  4. Name the new folder.
  5. Repeat as needed.
  6. You're done!

Once you've created your new sub-folders, you can then add your Send Files to the appropriate sub-folder!


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