View and email Send Files from the App

Send Files can be viewed on the App as a sales tool for reps. They can also be easily emailed to clients from the app as well.  Send Files can be found within the client account or the main landing page for the app.

  1. Log in, sync and access your manufacturer
  2. "Send Files" icon is on the Landing Page or within a clients account
  3. To view the file from the app, tap the cloud icon
  4. To send it to a client, Tap the file or files they will be highlighted in blue
  5. Press the green "Send Files" button in the upper right
  6. Enter your desired recipient's email address
  7. The "To" field of the email message will be autofilled with your client's email address if accessed from within a client
  8. Click "Send" to deliver the message to recipient

Send Files come from the default email address associated with the iPad.

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