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As the RepZio Webmanager, you will have login credentials to access the portal. In this section, you will learn how to manage all products, customers, and pricing information. Finally, you will learn how to "push data live" so that your updates go out to the iOS devices for your users.  The articles here are intended to be a resource for you on the basic setup for your account as well as a tool for you to reference at any time.  

Now it's finally time to learn the nuts and bolts of the RepZio Webmanager—to learn how to do all of the cool stuff you know or possibly did not know that RepZio can do. Each section ends with a link to the next section.  The purpose of this walkthrough is to equip you with the skills you need to master the RepZio Webmanager.

We have structured this walkthrough to be easy to read, comprehend, and follow. Our goal is also to make it simple for you to find specific sections within the guide as your knowledge of RepZio expands. Have a suggestion to improve it? Please, let us know!

Thank you again for becoming our client! 



The RepZio Team

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Move onto the Webmanager Dashboard here: Dashboard Overview


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