Webmanager Dashboard Overview

Welcome to the Dashboard, the confluence of all of your major data streams. The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance capability to keep track of important information such as your sales over time, recent orders, top selling items, and much more.

The Dashboard also provides handy links at the top of your screen to jump to the four most common sections you will be working in (Products, Categories, Customers, and Sales Reps).  Don’t worry—we’ll cover each of the sections in more depth later on in the guide.  For now, just familiarize yourself with the layout of the Dashboard.


Important things to know:

  • Updates to the company logo are done on this page, at the very top left of your screen. This is where your Logo is loaded and also updated.  Click on the circle to upload your company’s logo or to update your logo at any time. 
  • There is a new link that is first introduced on the Dashboard. A very COOL new way for our customers to have access to tips, tools, and tricks from our Knowledge Base directly from the webmanager.  This icon will be seen on every page past the dashboard as well.                                                                                                                  
  • There are four important icons (from left to right) for Profile, Reset Password, Support, and Logout.
    • The person icon is where your company profile information is populated, remember this is the information that shows on your order receipts.  Also, the email here is where order confirmations will go for your company.  If you prefer to have more than one person getting copies of all submitted orders, simply add a comma- no space and the next email.  Both parties will now get email confirmations. 
    • The key icon opens the options to reset the webmanager password.
    • The wheel icon is a link to RepZio support.  This link will open to the support desk for access to the RepZio team. 
    • The arrow screen icon is your logout link. 


The vertical blue bar on the left side of your screen is where all of the magic happens. The blue bar contains everything you need to manipulate the RepZio app. Each selection on the dashboard will be covered in more detail. Congratulations, you just completed the Dashboard overview! 

Now we will cover the next section: Orders 


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