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In this menu, you have the ability to review orders made with the RepZio app. Want to know what was ordered on August 8th, 2016?  It’s doable! Curious about all of the different orders made between the months of October and December in 2015? Also doable! Simply use the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields to select the time period you are interested.

Once you have selected a time period to review, you can use the “Order Status” menu to filter the system to search for orders based on status, such as Accept, Hold, Quote, Test orders, and so on. Choose an option from the “Order Status” menu to get filterin’.

You can further filter your orders by selecting a specific market where the orders were generated. You may notice that your “Markets” menu only has one option: “All Markets/Orders”. Don’t worry—we will cover the handy Markets function later on in the guide. Below is an example of what it will look like once you have your orders rolling in: 



 Important Things to Know

  1. The field below all of the different menus is where your orders will show up after you click the blue “refresh” button next to the Markets menu.
  2. The field has several different headers like ID, Date, Ship Date, and many important data points about the order.
  3. By clicking the Order Id the order will open in a new screen to allow you to view a specific order as well as, edit the order.

 That’s it for View Orders! Let’s move on to the next menu: Export Orders.

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