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Now that you understand how to view and search for different types of orders, let’s discuss how to export them from the Webmanager.  This is an important function to learn; use it to keep orders for your own records, add to your backend account or to show your leadership just how much revenue you and your sales reps have generated for the company.


Export Current Data has four drop-down options to choose to give you the specific export needed:  

  1. The “I want” menu will only have two options: Non-Exported Orders, and All Orders.
    • Select All Orders” if you want to export every single order that has ever been submitted within a time span.
    • Select “Non-Exported Orders” if you only want to export the orders that have not yet been extracted from the Web Manager—simple, right?
  2. The Type is the drop down option of "all orders" or a specific type of the orders submitted that you want to export.
  3. The Market option allows the selection of All Markets or a specific Market for orders to be exported from. 
  4. The Format option gives you the choice of which format your orders are exported in by using the creatively named “in format” menu, like Quickbooks, Sage, and much more.

To preview the data you’re exporting, click the green “Preview My Data” icon. 

Now that you have the options selected and have previewed your orders, you can now see an Export Selected Data icon. Click the icon and your orders will export in the format you need.


Now you know how to show everyone how awesome you and your reps are by exporting orders! Let’s move to the next section: Create Order

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