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Clicking on the "Browse" menu will give you a bird's eye view of all of your categories/collections. What you are seeing now are the Parent categories. Clicking on a parent category will take you to the sub-categories. Clicking on a sub-category will show every product that is placed within that sub and parent category.    

***Please note that uncategorized products will not be shown within the RepZio app.***

The products can be viewed, edited or removed from this section. If you want to know the intimate details of a specific product, simply click on the product image! 

The product can be edited by clicking the edit icon as seen in the screenshot above. Going into the product details to make quick edits can easily be accomplished at this screen. If changes are made, make sure to save changes by clicking the green "Save Changes" button.


Clicking on the red "Remove" button will delete the product from the category; it does not remove the product from your account. If this product is in another category, it will remain there.  If the product is not in another category, then it will be moved to the uncategorized section of the Webmanager.


Clicking the Remove button opens another pop up to verify you want to remove this product from the category.  If so, proceed by clicking the red "Delete item from (category name)" button or click "cancel" to abort the request. 

Next to the edit icon is an X. Clicking on it will take you this screen shown below. The product can be removed from all categories/collections from this screen. The "isDeleted" status for this product will become "true".  Verify the deletion of this product by clicking the "Delete This Item" to indeed delete it or simply click the cancel to stop the deletion of this product.

 That's it for Browsing! Let's move on to the next section:Products Quick Edit!



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