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Welcome to Products quick edit! This section of the Webmanager resembles the Product Template spreadsheet.  The Product Template is the only required template used to import product data to the account. You can scroll through the columns, or search for specific products by using the filter function.

The search by filter icon is not on each section or column of this quick edit but when a filter is present it does allow the webmanager to quickly search by filtering options and gives instant results. 


When the filter icon is selected, a drop-down option pops up. Products can be searched by ItemName, ItemID or UPC using the "is equal to" drop-down option to find a specific product. You can also use the search filter to show more products by using the contains/starts with or other filter options.

*The screenshots here show the filtering option contains and filtering by using the contains allows the user to search using a partial information from the section or column.  ItemId in this example, is filtered by inserting 202 in the contains filter option this then removes all ItemID's except those that contain the 202 numbers as seen in this example below.*



Another function of the Products Quick Edit screen is the ability to add new products from here. This is for quickly adding a small number of products.  If you have multiple products to add to your account, we strongly encourage the Webmanager to use the product template spreadsheet to do so. Click on the following link if you need a refresher: How to Import Data using the Webmanager

Adding products using the "+ " will open the "Add New Products" screen to add the Required ItemID, ItemName, Category, Price and any other optional information about the product.     



Once the product information is completed, click the "Next"   icon to add the new product to the account.  Once the Next button is clicked, the screen will go back to the  Quick Edit screen where you can search for the new product recently added.

This screenshot shows the new product called example item has been added to the account.  Again, this is a quick way to add a small number of products. If you have a large number of products to add, then it is best to use the product template and upload data using the manage data/upload data sheets option.



That's it! Let's move on to the next section: Manage Categories!















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