Manage Categories

Manage Categories has many optional admin functions.  This section allows the Webmanager to rename a category, add a category, sort products, or edit the product's categorization. This section also allows products to be removed from a category or simply move products into multiple categories. 

Select a Category from the drop-down option to find the products within the category selected


In this screenshot, the category Rugs/Flatweave category was selected.  All of the products for this category will appear. Double clicking a product removes the product from the category; it does not delete the product from the account.

Once you have made your changes to the category, click on the green "Save Changes" button to confirm your revisions. Click on the gray "Manage" icon to go back without saving your changes. 

Manage Categories also allows the Webmanager to select products from one category and drop into another category. Select the category that products are being moved into in the left drop-down menu. Now select the category the product is currently categorized in from the right side "Choose Products" drop-down menu. Once you find the product you wish to move, simply drag and drop the product into the left-hand category, and that's it!

Important: this process does not remove the product from its old category--it only creates a copy of the product in the new category. You will have to remove the product from its old category.  To do so open the category you want to remove it from and double click, it will disappear and now SAVE. 








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