Managing Flipbooks

In RepZio a Flipbook is a PDF Catalog that can be accessed from within the App.  It can be imported using the Dropbox or the webmanager portal.  These steps provide you with managing the Flipbook once it has been uploaded to your account. 

Uploading a Flipbook
There are two methods that can be used to upload a new Flipbook to your account, Dropbox and Webmanager.  The Dropbox method can only be used to import the Flipbook. Management of your Flipbook must be completed in Webmanager.
  1. Log into your DropBox account (Click to view our Dropbox Guide)
  2. Access RepZio’s shared folder (“RepZio-CompanyName”)
  3. Within the shared folder, navigate to the “flipbooks” subfolder
  4. Click the blue "Upload Files" icon, located in the toolbar on the right
  5. Click “Choose files” to browse for your Flipbook
  6. Once you have selected your Flipbook PDF file, click “Open”
  7. Allow your Flipbook to completely upload to the Dropbox folder


  1. Log into webmanager
  2. On the left panel scroll down to Flipbook
  3. Choose File on Right side under Create a New Flipbook  “Choose files” to browse for your Flipbook
  4. Once you have selected your Flipbook PDF file, click “Open”
  5. Allow your Flipbook to completely upload to the Webmanager


*Screenshot of Flipbook in Webmanager

Accessing Your Flipbook

  1. Log in to your account in RepZio’s Webmanager
  2. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click the "Flipbooks" icon
  3. Under the “Manage Flipbooks” panel, click on the name of the Flipbook you need to edit (Blue text)

Adding a Page to Your Flipbook

  1. In the “Add a Page” panel, located under the “Flipbook Tools” panel, click the “Choose File” button
  2. Locate and select the JPG image of the page you are adding
  3. Click the “Open” button

Deleting a Page from your Flipbook

  1. Click on Flipbook name link
  2. Choose the page you would like to delete
  3. A preview of the page will be shown below, then click on red "x" Verify delete by Clicking on "Yes, Delete this Page"

Rearranging the Order of Flipbook Pages

  1. Open a Flipbook you wish to change the page order on
  2. Under “Flipbook Tools” on the right, click the green “Arrange Flipbook Pages” button
  3. Drag and drop the available pages into the desired order
  4. Click the “Save Changes” button once you're finished

Renaming a Flipbook

  1. Under the "Manage Flipbooks" panel, click the Rename Flipbook link that corresponds to the particular Flipbook you wish to rename.Enter a new name for your Flipbook
  2. Click the "Save Changes" button once you're finished

Tagging Products within a Flipbook

  1. This gives the product a small label on the app that when tapped will take the user back to the product for more info or add to an order.
  2. In the Webmanager portal, choose the page you would like to tag from the horizontal row of available pages
  3. Click and Drag (to create a square or rectangular box) on the page in the location that you want a tag to appear
  4. In the window that appears, type the ItemID of the product you want to be tagged and click "OK"

  1. To remove a tag, double-click on the  square/rectangle you previously created in Webmanager, then click the “OK” button to confirm the removal

Pushing Changes to the iPad

Important:  All of the steps below must be completed for the Flipbook to be seen and opened on the iPad

  1. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click the “Settings” icon
  2. From the expanded list of options under “Settings,” choose “App Settings”
  3. Choose the "User Interface" tab from the Basic Settings page
  4. Turn on the "enable Flipbook" toggle on the right

Next go back to the Flipbooks section in Webmanager to finish any editing, publish and push the completed Flipbook to the iPad.

  1. In the blue toolbar that runs along the left side of the page, click the “Flipbooks” icon
  2. Click on the link for the Flipbook you wish to edit or publish
  3. Under the “Flipbook Tools” panel on the right, click the red “Publish Flipbook” button
  4. Click "Push Data Live" to send the changes to the iPads
  5. Tags will appear within the Flipbook adjacent to the images (where you created the square/rectangle).


*Tags as seen on the RepZio App in screenshot below


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