Dropbox Guide (Send Files, Flipbooks, Images, and Imports)

This guide was written to provide a resource for any activity involving Dropbox to manage your RepZio account.  Once you have received your Dropbox invitation and create an account, you will be able to upload images, Flipbooks, Send Files as well as import templates.  


Once you login to your Dropbox account, you will see the following folders: "companyfiles", "flipbooks", "images", "imports".  The RepZio system monitors the imports shared folder and process files contained in those folders based on the rules and file names outlined below.



Send Files

Easily share files with customers using the Send File function.  These files may be a document or other information that can be shared by emailing copies to clients/customers from the app.  The Send Files are loaded to your RepZio App using the companyfiles folder within Dropbox and usually show within 15 minutes on the app.  The files can be viewed under the Send Files icon on the landing page or within the client account page in the RepZio App.  

In order to make use of this functionality simply upload files (Ex: CreditAuth form, RMA form, About Us document, price list etc.) to the "companyfiles" folder in Dropbox


  • There are a couple reserved characters that cannot be used in Send File names: "#, +, &" will cause trouble when trying to view or send these files from the iPad. 
  • Send Files cannot be saved in .csv file format as the file will not open properly on either the iPad or the recipient it is being sent to.



You also have the ability to create sub-folders for your Send Files. This will allow you to organize your Send Files in any way that makes sense for you. The process to do so is simple--all you have to do is follow the directions below! 

IMPORTANT:  When naming Send Files do not use these characters: "#, +, &" or files will not upload properly. 

  1. Login to the Dropbox folder that is shared between your company and RepZio.
  2. Double click on the "CompanyFiles" folder.
  3. Create a new folder by clicking on the "New Folder" icon at the top right side of your screen.
  4. Name the new folder.
  5. Repeat as needed.
  6. You're done!

Once you've created your new sub-folders, you can then add your Send Files to the appropriate sub-folder!



Flipbooks are PDF catalogs to view within the RepZio App.  To upload a catalog, click to open the “flipbooks” folder.  Then to select "upload files" from the right side of the page.  Now a popup box will appear to allow you to choose your file from your computer.

Flipbooks can take up to 2 hours to load. Once the flipbook is loaded, you need to publish it from the Webmanager. Login to the Webmanager and go to the Flipbook tab Manage Flipbooks.   Now select the flipbook that was just added by clicking the Flipbook Name. 


Once the flipbook has been selected, you can publish it live here or you can edit the pages.  You can also add tags that will display a small label/tag on the product in the app.  You may also add or delete pages here, as well.   


Once you have finished with your flipbook edits, you can push data live to push out to the app.  The flipbook is now ready to be viewed on the iPad.



We automatically resize images to have a maximum size of 2048 x 2048 pixels. The maximum viewable image dimensions in RepZio on the iPad are 768 x 960 pixels in portrait mode and 960 x 768 in landscape mode.

The easiest image format option is ItemID.jpg. If the image file has the same name as the ItemID, our system will automatically match the two together once the image file is loaded. For example: if you have a product with the ItemID of “B-14KY6”, simply name the image file as “B-14KY6.jpg”.

If your image files cannot share the same name as your ItemIDs, then the column “PhotoName” of the Import Product Template must be used. The images can be named anything you choose when using the PhotoName column. 

If you have additional images for a product, simply add an underscore and an increasing number after the underscore, for example, ItemID_1.jpg, ItemID_2.jpg, ItemID_3.jpg, etc.   If you used the PhotoName column, then the same image name_1.jpg would be used for alternate photos.

If the new image is saved with the same name as the old image, simply upload the new images to overwrite the old image.   In the app, images will be updated as the user syncs.  If you do not have a full sync or a weak Wi-Fi signal, you may need to use a 2-finger double tap to update the image.

Click on the image folder and drag and drop your images into the window to upload.  



  • Our system will not accept image files that have a"+" or "/" in their name.  A workaround for this is to rename your image without using these symbols then add that new image name to the PhotoName field associated with that product.
  • Remember that images that are not named ItemID.jpg must be placed in the PhotoName column of the Import Product Template and imported to your account.  



Please refer to the import templates for the correct field structure and note that column names need to match the template column names.  Once a data file has been processed by the RepZio system you will receive an email notification of the import results and the file will be moved to the "Processed" sub-folder in the imports folder.  

These files must be placed in the 'imports' folder, please note you will need to have the run_golive.txt added too or you will need to manually push your data live from within the webmanager


File naming conventions - Please note the system WILL NOT IMPORT your files if they are named differently than the requirements outlined below. 

  • Products 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_products.txt
  • Customers 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_customers.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customers.txt
  • Inventory 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_inventory.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_inventory.txt
  • ShipTos 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_shiptos.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_shiptos.txt
  • Child Products 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_child_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_child_products.txt
  • Related Products 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_related_products.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_related_products.txt
  • Product Categories
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_productcategories.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename:  repzio_import_productcategories.txt 
  • Volume Pricing 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_volume_pricing.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_volume_pricing.txt
  • Customer Special Pricing 
    Excel Filename:  repzio_import_customer_special_pricing.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customer_special_pricing.txt
  • Tags
    Excel Filename: repzio_import_tags.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_tags.txt
  • Customer Update/Merge
    Excel Filename: repzio_import_customer_merge.xls
    Tab Delimited Filename: repzio_import_customer_merge.txt
  • Automatically Push Data Live

Text File Name:
run_golive.txtNOTE: If this file is not present your data will

need to be pushed live manually from the web manager. This file does not need to have any content, it simply is a .txt file that has to be named run_golive.txt AND be placed in DropBox AFTER any files you are importing.


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