Arrange Categories


Arrange Categories is located by clicking on the Products option, then choosing the Arrange Categories option.  This is where you can arrange the order and structure of the categories and upload images for each of the categories and subcategories. 

To view any sub-categories as well as rearrange them, click the "+" icon to the left of the category image and name.   If sub-categories are already present, they will now appear below the main category.   To add as a sub-category or change the category order, simply drag and drop the category to move it to the desired placement.  

Next, the Save Category Order icon needs to be clicked.  This will save the new category order which will now be visible.  You will need to Push Data Live to send the update to the iPad App.


Upload Category Images


To add or update the Category Image click the Upload Image icon.  This will open a new pop-up message to allow you to browse your computer to select the image to be uploaded.










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